If you’ve read my first two posts you may be wondering what they have to do with getting fit!?!

I wanted to provide a little insight into my labour and recovery story before I got started on my fitness journey because we will all have such diverse experiences and consequential hurdles to overcome after giving birth. Each will require our complete physical and emotional strength to conquer before we can even think about focusing on getting our fitness and our figures to the way we want them.

I fully believe as I have stated in my about section that it is vital for new mums to get on the fitness horse as early as possible and reap the benefit’s of exercise both physical and mental but it is equally important that we don’t try to run before we can walk. We will all take different lengths of time to recover and that is perfectly okay.

I felt a huge pressure (that in hindsight I placed upon myself) to “bounce back” straight after I gave birth. I wanted to be super mum with a perfect baby and a perfect body and so on within the first two months of having my first child but this was so unrealistic! I ended up having an unexpected c-section and couldn’t work-out even if I wanted to for six weeks. I then had further complications that delayed my fitness plans even longer and I was forced to let go of the societal celeb / media suggested farce that I can basically go into hospital pregnant and come out a supermodel!

The truth is once you’ve had your littlen, you really don’t care about anything else and it didn’t bother me in the slightest that I had to stay out of the gym and engrossed solely in my baby for a little longer than I had expected! Moreover your goals change, I no longer want to be fit just to look and feel good. I want to be fit to inspire my child, to be able to run around after him while he’s young, to keep up with him as he grows and to be able to be a part of his life for as long as possible as I grow older.

My advice for deciding when to embark on your own post baby fitness journey is always remember,

There is a fine line between pushing yourself too soon and needed recovery time and there is an equally fine line between necessary recovery time and making excuses not to get started…

Only you will know when you are truly ready and once you are, go for it!


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